dForce Evening Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)


dForce Evening Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)


Beautiful, elegant, modern and fun, deck out your Teen Jane 8 for that special night with this evening dress themed outfit, complete with dforce, enhanced pose controls, four different material sets, jewelry and corsage!

Evening Dress is a finely crafted, highly optimized yet intensely detailed outfit featuring tube top, off the shoulder top which works by itself or as a layer over the underlying tube top, dress with enhanced rigging, necklace, earrings, shoes and corsage. Cloth areas such as the skirt and shirts have dForce included by default, along with added, embedded pose controls that work with the underlying figure rigging for a highly versatile user experience.

Embedded D-Former Pose Controls:

“D-Former Pose Controls” use embedded D-Formers whose controls are strategically driven by sliders found in the Pose Controls of the figure, offering a layer of extensive controls that work in conjunction with or exclusive of both the underlying figure rigging and any dForce simulation applied

“Enhanced Pose Control Layout”: a strategically organized control scheme for a large number of deformers and joints, embedded at the root of the figure and found under Pose Controls, organized and optimized for leveraging this Daz Studio feature’s functionality in a unique and powerful way: each joint has it’s own grouping, and each of those is nested under a grouping for that section. With “Consolidate Properties” enabled in the Parameters tab, this allows the user to simply click on the group for a loop, belt end, or any other set of controls that has sub groupings, and then use all of a given set of controls throughout all the joints of that section. For instance, if a user wishes to apply an “ERC” style usage to the belt’s left end section, simply select the “L Belt End” group while having “Consolidate Properties” enabled, and then drag on the “Bend” that shows up to “bend” all of those joints at once.

“Enhanced Pose Control Layout” functionality is present for all of the embedded deformers in the dress, yielding 144 different controls which may be used in an individual, granular manner, or in groups as described in “Enhanced Pose Control Layout” above.

The product is made for dForce but works well in most poses as conforming

dForce Evening Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)

dForce Evening Dress for Genesis 8 Female(s)