The Chairman HD Outfit Textures


The Chairman HD Outfit Textures


5 suit textures from classic to eye grabbing. Suitable for awards ceremonies and hanging out with your buddies in the jazz club. Mix up the pieces to create many new looks.

Purple suit: purple Jacket, purple pants, pinstripe vest, dark grey shirt, black shoes, gold tie, black hat with gold band

Red suit: Red Jacket, Red pants, red pattern vest, white shirt, red shoes, black tie, black hat with red pattern band

Orange iridescent suit: Orange Jacket, Orange pants, orange print vest, black shirt, black shoes, orange pattern tie, black hat with orange pattern band

Classic black suit: White/Black Jacket, Black pants, silver vest, white patterned shirt, grey shoes, silver tie, black hat with silver band

The Chairman HD Outfit Textures

The Chairman HD Outfit Textures

  • アイテムデータ
    • フィギア世代 : Genesis 8 Male
    • ベンダー(作成者)さん : Daz Originals , DestinysGarden
    • 対応レンダリング形式 : 
    • このソフト、ツールに対応しています :DAZ Studio 4.12